Tizanidine (Zanaflex) - a basic introduction

Tizanidine is an oral drug which is used in treatment of a number of conditions which share a similar symptom or a group of symptoms such as cramping, spasms and tightness of the muscles. As you may have guessed, Tizanidine is a muscle relaxant drug. It acts as an alpha adrenergic agonist and it produces relaxation of the muscles when ingested. Tizanidine is marketed as Zanaflex and Sirdalud as well and it is also available in the generic form.

Tizanidine (Zanaflex)

There are a number of potential uses for Tizanidine and they all stem from the fact that it is a rather potent muscle relaxant, that it acts very quickly and that it is well tolerated which makes it suitable for long-term use as well as short-term use. The most common use for Tizanidine is in treatment of conditions such as multiple sclerosis, spastic diplegia, ALS, back pain as well as other injuries that involve the spine or the central nervous system. In addition to this, Tizanidine is sometimes prescribed for migraine headaches, insomnia and even as an anticonvulsant. Sometimes, Tizanidine may also be prescribed for treating fibromyalgia.

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Despite being well tolerate and generally considered to be safer than other similar drugs, Tizanidine is still a potent drug and it needs to be taken with care. For one, the patient should never self-diagnose as this can lead to severe dangers for the health and the condition that may be affecting the patient. All drugs can be dangerous when used improperly and for drugs that are as strong as Tizanidine, this danger is even direr.

Before you are prescribed with Tizanidine, your doctor will need to review your medical history and see whether there is something in it that might suggest that this drug is unsafe for you. They will also need to make sure that you will not be at risk of developing unwanted effects and they might need to adjust the dosage if you have something in your medical history that may warrant this. This is also one of the main reasons why you should never self-prescribe Tizanidine.

Once you do start using Tizanidine, it is also very important to know what to do and what not to do. For example, Tizanidine is usually taken when you need relief from the spasticity. It will most often not be taken as a regular treatment and it is not recommended to use the drug more than the doctor has recommended. You will need to wait for at least an hour before you can experience the benefits and sometimes it may pass up to 6 hours. You should also remember to let 6 to 8 hours to pass before you take another dose of Tizanidine. You should never take more than 3 doses of Tizanidine in one 2 hour period.

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Tizanidine may cause impairment to your reactions and thinking. If you should experience this, it is best to avoid doing anything potentially dangers until you feel alright again. Drinking alcohol will severely enhance this impairment and it is one of the reasons why you should not drink alcohol when taking the drug. The other reason is that this is very likely to cause you stomach upset. It is also a very bad idea to take any other drugs with Tizanidine unless the doctor has instructed you to take them concomitantly with this medication.

Your doctor may wish you to come in for regular checkups when using Tizanidine and you should make these appointments at all times. It is particularly important that you check your liver function to ensure that it is not damaged by your regimen.

Tizanidine is available online and you can order it that way. This will provide you with much better prices than if you went to more traditional pharmacies. You need to, however, make sure the pharmacy you are ordering Tizanidine from is reputable. Another good thing to check would be the shipping options as well as the delivery times.